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In Honor of
National Left-Hander's Day
August 13th


LEFT-HANDERS, ALSO COMMONLY REFERRED TO AS SOUTHPAWS, are the brunt of more than their share of jokes all year long. The world is built for right-handers which makes it very difficult to be left-handed. The reasoning, I guess, is because only about 10% of the population is left-handed, which may be valid or not. Without a doubt, lefties do have it tough, and examples are everywhere:

Left-Hander's certainly earned the right to have a day dedicated to them, and August 13th is that day. So, take a minute to appreciate your left-handed friends and loved ones.

  • In school, have you ever seen a left handed desk? 
    (They don't exist.)
  • Many left handed items cost more.
  • Novelty coffee mugs are made with the picture or text for a right handed pick-up.
  • Scissors are made for right-handers only.
    (Only a lefty would understand this.)
  • The computer mouse you are using as you read this is designed for right-handers.

Left-Hander's certainly have earned the right to have a day dedicated to them, and August 13th is that day. So, take a minute to appreciate your left-handed friends and loved ones.



Did you Know? Right handed people operate in the left side of the brain. Left handed people use the right side. Therefore, only left handed people are in their right mind.



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A third new Riverview page was posted today, 4/20/2022. It's called RIVERVIEW: The Bobs and can be found at the end of the topics to the left of this page. You can go to it by clicking on its name or by the copy and paste method: https://www.fengerjune1958.com/RIVERVIEW-Bobs.htm


Our new series has become so long that it's now divided into 5 pages or sections. You will find it at the bottom of the list of topics to the left of this HOME PAGE. Look for its title -- GROWING UP IN THE 40s & 50s -- and then choose the subtitle you wish or you can copy and paste the link below in your browser. 

8/10 Post: "Coca Cola"

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"What We Love about Roseland" is the new article by CJ Martello that appears in his PETALS FROM ROSELAND page. Just click on ROSELAND from the list of topics to the left of this page and choose PETALS . . . form the fly-out menu. Enjoy!



We didn't have the "computer advantage" when we were growing up so many of us are a little timid when approaching this newfangled contraption. With that in mind, a new forum section entitled "All You Need to Know But Are too Shy to Ask" has been created.

The new feature has directions for many of the skills needed to take full advantage of our web site. It even explains how to print those directions so you can have them in front of you as you navigate into new territory.

A second feature explains exactly how to obtain additional help with any problem which may come up. It's really simple: just email me, as site administrator; and I'll get the answer straight from the experts at Class Creator.

 So now, with a little bit of determination, you can fully explore the site, send emails, reply to survey questions, comment in forums, and load pictures. Just click on the link below.


Please register and choose a password so you can explore the complete site we have created. It's filled with classmates' memories, pictures, updates, information on the Fifties, and more.

So, welcome to the World of Fenger - June 1958!