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In Honor of
Hostess Twinkie Day
April 6th


The Day the Twinkies Died


AFTER A LONG TENURE IN AMERICAN SUPERMARKETS AND CONVENIENCE STORES, Hostess—the brand behind Twinkies—announced it was declaring bankruptcy in 2012. Some analysts criticized the company for failing to respond to Americans' changing palates. But changing with the times was the opposite of what consumers wanted.  Perhaps it's the nostalgia; but after the announcement, Hostess was able to use the outpouring of public grief  to persuade an investment company, Metropoulous & Co., to fork over a check for $410 million.

The rescued company re-launched the Twinkie on July 15, 2013, and restocked supermarket shelves with creme-stuffed cakes made from the same recipe that consumers remember from their tin lunchboxes. And, they’re selling as they always have--off the shelves!


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Everything You Didn’t Know You Wanted To Know
About Twinkies!


What year was the Twinkie invented?
There are some citations that the Twinkie invented in 1933, but the Hostess website says 1930. They were first made by The Continental Baking Company in Indianapolis, Indiana, which also made Wonder Bread and had a snack line called Hostess.

Who developed the Twinkie?
A Continental baker named James A. Dewar developed the idea for the Twinkie. The pans and machines that were used to make a strawberry creme filled shortcake were unused when the strawberry season was over. He used the ladyfinger shaped pans to shape the original Twinkie.

What flavor was the original creme filling in the Twinkie?
The original filling was a banana creme.

The flavor of the Twinkie creme changed during World War II. Why?
Bananas were rationed during the war so Hostess had to come up with a different filling. They switched to vanilla crème, and it was so popular they never changed back. 

Why is the Twinkie called crème-filled rather than cream-filled?
Contrary to the consistency of the center of Twinkies, which represents dairy, the pastry is completely non-dairy and is composed of flour, sugar, oil, eggs, and chemicals (preservatives and stabilizers).

How did the company come up with the name Twinkie?
The name had nothing to do with twins as may have thought. Dewar merely drove past a billboard for shoes made by the "Twinkle Toe Shoe Company," liked the name, and shortened it to Twinkies.

What was the original price of Twinkies?
The original price of the Twinkie was a nickel for a package of two.

How many calories are contained in each Twinkie?
As the quintessential junk food, Twinkies are assumed to contain more calories than can possibly be healthy. Rest assured, each individual cake contains only 160 calories.

Are Twinkies as popular as their advertising suggest?
Hostess produces roughly 500 million Twinkies annually or about 1,000 Twinkies every minute. As a side note, it takes more than 40,000 miles of plastic wrap to wrap a year's production of Twinkies.

What is the 'shelf-life' of a package of Twinkies?
Twinkies have a shelf-life of twenty-five days, although the stock is usually rotated every five to seven days by company salesmen. The recipe for the Twinkie contains no dairy products, which prolongs its freshness. The rumors of Twinkies lasting forever are not true. 

What American President suggested putting Twinkies into a time capsule?
Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton thought it should go in the White House millennium time capsule. He thought it represented an "object of enduring American symbolism."  It may have been more symbolic of Clinton's dietary choices. Remember, he often stopped by fast food franchises on his daily jog.

What Fifties television show helped increase the popularity of the Twinkie?
Howdy Doody. Twinkies popularity soared in great part due to Hostess sponsoring the 'Howdy Doody Show'. Hostess estimates that it's machinery can fill 52,000 Twinkies an hour with creme.

hat in the world are Fried Twinkies?
Deep-fried Twinkies are a popular item at county and state fairs. The cake is frozen, dipped in batter, fried, and served on a stick with a powdered sugar coating. According to Hostess, Christopher Sell from Rugby, England invented the fried Twinkie in 2001 at his restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. CNN claims it was invented by Chris Mullen in a Brooklyn restaurant.

Where is the Twinkie Capital of the World?”
Chicago has earned the title by eating more Twinkies than any other city anywhere.



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