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Class of June 1958,
You should have received your invitation by now. If not, hit the CONTACT US button at the top of this page and send me a message.

All guests on the site are invited too, but I need your address. So, if you'd like to come, hit the CONTACT US button and let me know.

Can't wait to see all of you!


Saturday, September 18, 2021
Midlothian Country Club’s Cottage
5000 West 147th Street, Midlothian, IL 60445
Valet parking is available.

Social Hour: 3 PM (Cash Bar)
With complimentary appetizers

American Carvery Buffet: 4 PM
Tossed Salad Station with assorted dressings and fixings
Carved Turkey and Sirloin of Beef
An array of Vegetables and Potatoes
Back by popular demand: The Sundae Station
And of course, A Huge Birthday Cake

$55 per person

Mail check and reservation form to:
Pat “Nezzy” Frigo, 2805 Taylor Glen Dr, New Lenox, IL 60451  

Dress: Business Casual
Men: Slacks and either golf or sport-shirt (no T's), with or without jackets
Ladies: Dresses, skirts, slacks, with blouses (no T's)
Athletic shoes and denim are not appropriate



Our new series, "Growing Up in the 40s and 50s" will continue on its own page. Look for its title about a quarter of the way down the column to the left of this HOME PAGE.  7/16 Post: Marshall Field & Co


Video Starts Here



WE'VE BEEN PATIENT AND SMART so for everyone’s protection, we ask that you become fully vaccinated against Covid 19 prior to coming to our big birthday bash on September 18. None of us want anything to mar this party we’ve waited so long to hold.

THE RESERVATION FORM FOR THE PARTY is in the mail, and we ask that you return your reservation form and check as soon as possible. Yes, these details are later than usual, but the Club was late to reopen and had a change in banquet management necessitating a longer time to negotiate a Murawski-type contract.

WE ALSO WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND A BIRTHDAY INVITATION to the guest members on this site. We don't have current addresses for many of you so please send me a message and address if you'd like to go, and I will get a reservation form in the mail immediately.



The Pullman Picnic will take place on
August 7 beginning at noon and ending somewhere around 6 p.m. There is plenty of room to set up a canopy, table, chairs and whatever else you might like to bring. (See "Petals from Roseland" for full details.)

Our new series will continue on its own page. Look for its title about a quarter of the way down the column to the left of this HOME PAGE.

8/1 Post: Cracker Jack

"What We Love about Roseland" is the new article by CJ Martello that appears in his PETALS FROM ROSELAND page. Just click on ROSELAND from the list of topics to the left of this page and choose PETALS . . . form the fly-out menu. Enjoy!

Too, too many photos so must organize them! We now have two new pages with Roseland pictures One contains photos before 1940 and the other  showcases photos after 1940.  I invite you to send in any pictures you have hidden away -- photos of buildings, events, parks, stores, anything Roseland. We'll all thank you!Click on the Roseland listing on the left side of this HOME PAGE and choose "BOT" (Before Our Time) and/or "During Our Time" from the fly-out menu which will appear.



We didn't have the "computer advantage" when we were growing up so many of us are a little timid when approaching this newfangled contraption. With that in mind, a new forum section entitled "All You Need to Know But Are too Shy to Ask" has been created.

The new feature has directions for many of the skills needed to take full advantage of our web site. It even explains how to print those directions so you can have them in front of you as you navigate into new territory.

A second feature explains exactly how to obtain additional help with any problem which may come up. It's really simple: just email me, as site administrator; and I'll get the answer straight from the experts at Class Creator.

 So now, with a little bit of determination, you can fully explore the site, send emails, reply to survey questions, comment in forums, and load pictures. Just click on the link below.


Please register and choose a password so you can explore the complete site we have created. It's filled with classmates' memories, pictures, updates, information on the Fifties, and more.

So, welcome to the World of Fenger - June 1958!