Copy & Paste
Posted Friday, August 14, 2009 12:51 PM

COPY and PASTE allows you to take printed material from one source and place it in another. In other words, should you find a particularly interesting article you wish to send to a colleague, you can "copy" the text and "paste" it into an email. Not all material on the Internet, however, can be copied; it will be easy to tell when this is the case.*


1. Place your cursor and the beginning of the text and hold down the left mouse button as you guide the cursor through the desired text. The writing will be highlighted will a background color, usually black or blue.

2. When you reach the end of the material you wish to copy release the right mouse button.

3. Hold down the CONTROL key (Ctrl, lower left on the keyboard) and hit the key "c." The information will be magically transported to the unseen clipboard.


1. Place your cursor on the page where you wish your text to appear and hit the right mouse button once.

2. Hold down the CONTROL key and hit the key "v." The information will magically move from the unseen clipboard to your chosen page.

Many pictures can be copied in the same manner; but, please note, you can NOT use this method to transfer photos to our web site.

*If you find that the information you desire does not highlight in step 1 under To COPY, this means the material can not be transfered.