Answering Survey Questions & Reading Survey Results
Posted Thursday, August 13, 2009 05:28 PM

SURVEYS are listed at the top of subjects in the black, left-hand column of the Web Site. They are listed by topic.

To take part in a survey:

1. Click on the SURVEY TITLE. A box with an introductory sentence or two will appear. Below this you will find the actual question(s) with space(s) for your answer(s). (Some surveys may have multiple parts.)

2. Enter your response(s).

3. Click SUBMIT and a "thank you" message will appear plus a tab saying VIEW SURVEY RESULTS. If you wish to view the results, click on that tab.

NOTE: You can only answer the survey once, but you can view the results many times as others take part. Your answer will appear when you click on the SURVEY TITLE once you've given your response so just go to VIEW SURVEY RESULTS.

You can SUBSCRIBE to receive new survey results by email if you wish. This feature is at the bottom of the page, and all you have to do is check its box. You can Unsubscribe later should you desire.