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50 Year Reunion




YEP! IT"S REALLY TRUE. Fifty years have passed since we graduated from Fenger High School; and to celebrate this milestone in our lives, many of us gathered at the Holiday Inn Select in Tinley Park, Illinois on September 20, 2008. It was truly a wonderful evening, filled with stories—old and new—laughs, tears, and promises to keep in touch. Below is a photo of all who attended; see who you can identify. A photo key follows.


1. Sechrist, George
2. Kassay, Carole
3. Mistro, Marie
4. Fallin, Frederick
5. Nemesnyik, Patricia
6. Schwartz, Nancy
7. Eng, Janet
8. Strance, Joseph
9. Battenburg, Judith
10. Ment, Paulette
11. Boelcke, Janet
12. Fanizzo, Carole
13. Calderone, James
14. Bateman, Nancy
15. Bengtson, Bonnie.
16. Hultsch, Carole
17. Gleason, Judith
18. Johnson, Karen
19. Thomas, Sherron
20. Ericson, Florence
21. Herzog, Joan
22. La Fleur, LaVerne
23. Anderson, Carol
24. Stevenson, Shirley
26. Carpenter, George
27. Barsotti, Thomas
28. Chiappori, Constance
29. Edelmann, Cynthia
30. Hyry, Patricia
31. Maginel, Bobby Jean
32. Bayzill, Madeline
33. Hanek, Lottie
34. Mistro, Elaine
35. Ores, Mary Beth
36. Cadkin, Charles
37. Persenaire, Kay
38. Bresland, Margaret
39. Badali, Joyce
40. Lawrence, Patricia
41. Dalle, Geraldine
42. Wollheim, Warren
43. Behrens, Patricia
44. Messal, Elaine
45. Heidmeyer, Marcia
46. Filzone, Carmella
47. Halajian, Louise
48. Stewart, Nancy
49. Tupycia, Elizabeth
50. Farkas, Penelope
51. Poledziewski, Rosalie
52. Banhidi, Robert
53. Lind, Bonnie
54. Coyle, Kathryn
55. Hills, Lois
56. Compton, James
57. Maffei, Nino
58. Boscardin, James
59. Davy, Harry
60. Corrado, Frank
61. Johnson, Roderic
62. Berrick, Judith
63. Battaglin, Vivien
64. Henke, Bud 
65. Fitch, Donald 
66. Beckman, Bruce
67. For those not there
68. Vantwoud, William
69. Carli, Sonia
70. Geisert, Bruce
71. (Non-classmate)
72. Raimo, Judy
73. Gross, David
74. Chidichimo, James 
75. Miller, Elouise
76. Lemke, Vernon 
77. Blodgett, Judy
78. Beckman, Les
79. Marose, Karen
80. Holody, Arlene
81. Hett, Gervaise
82. Rock, Gail
83. Busin, Albert
84. Radius, Rochelle 
85. Oleszczuk, Judith.
86. Toborg, Ernie
87. Todhunter, Jack
88. Grant, Ricky
89. Peterson, Glenn
90. Bretz, Elisabeth
91. Concialdi, Thomas
92. Mohr, Robert
93. Stella, Robert
94. Navarette, Salvador
95. Pawlowski, Edward
96. Murawski, Thomas
97. Knudsen, Sonja
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Below is the new slideshow -- Remember, PhotoBucket went out of business and I had to create a new slideshow in another program -- with most of us named. A few persons are not identified and help will be appreciated with these and with any errors that exist. 



A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Faithful Committee for Another Wonderful Evening!

Pat Behrens Reid Carole Fanizzo Mackey Tom Murawski
Kathryn Coyle Boscardin Carmella Filzone Lagger Sal Navarette
Gerry Dalle Manzardo Gervaise Hett Pat Nemesnyik Frigo
Fred Fallin Sonja  Knudsen Schneider Gail Rock Cunico
  Pat Hyry Koch  
  Pat Lawrence Brown