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Growing Up in the 40s & 50s



LET'S LOOK BACK ON THE LIFE OF OUR YOUTH through a series of videos. Most are from a group called "Life in America," and none are from Roseland itself. They do, however, reflect somewhat accurately what our lives were like. But first, a brief history lesson.


Snapshot: The 40s 

The 1940s analyzes the impact of U.S. participation in World War II and the major domestic developments at home. Emphasis is on the events happening at home to support the war efforts, such as women and minorities in the workforce and the internment of Japanese-Americans who lived in the western United States.




Snapshot: The 50s
The 1950s traces immigration patterns, post-World War II prosperity, the space race and McCarthyism.










Flashback to 1954
A look back at the events that took place during the year 1954.






Saturday Evening Post

A look back at the publication that was a reflection of American society, The Saturday Evening Post.





Campbell's Soup, M'm! M'm! Good!

A look back at the company that invented condensed soup, Campbell's Soup.





A look back at the drink of our childhood, Kool-Aid.





Flashback to 1953
Take a look at the events that took place during the year 1953.





Hobby Shops

A look back at local hobby shops that carried models, train sets, and r/c equipment -- among other things. Kids in the 1950s were avid builders and the hobby shop was where they would spend their Saturdays.






There's always room for Jello

A look back at the gelatin dessert called JELL-O. From it's early years as a sweetened gelatin to JELL-O salads and pudding, this brand is probably in everyone's kitchen- as we speak.



TV Shows from the 1950s

Some screen shots and audio clips from U.S. TV shows from the 1950s:






Cracker Jack and the Prize Inside

A look back at the Cracker Jack Company, how they became tied to baseball, and the fun prize inside every box.






Summer Camp 

A look back at summer camps through the years..



Flashback to 1951
A look back at the events that took place during the year 1951.




Marshall Field's Department Store 

A look at Marshall Field & Co. through the years.






TV Commercials from the 40s

Here are 10 commercials from the 1940's when television was just breaking into our worlds.




Milk Delivered to your Door

A look back at the time when milk was delivered door to door by a milkman. Prior to refrigerators, milk was delivered daily to homes across America.





The Fabulous Forties

A short video depicting what American life was like in the 1940s. It covers victory gardens, the Zoot Suit Riots, and scrap metal drives. It's part of a video series I use in US history class to give students a visual perspective of the various eras.




Buster Brown Shoes

A look back at the Brown Shoe Company and the classic Buster Brown and Mary Jane shoes.





Flashback to 1950

A look back at the events that took place during the year 1950.

CORRECTION: The average cost of a home in 1950 was $7500.




Good Humor Ice Cream Trucks

One of the best parts of summer as a kid, was hearing the ice cream truck jingle coming down the road. Between the 1930’s and 1970s, it more than likely was a Good Humor Ice Cream truck, which was an icon of summertime joy for American youth..



Classic Cars of the 40s and 50s




Fun with Bazooka Bubble Gum

A look back at Bazooka Bubble Gum and its comic character Bazooka Joe and his gang. From post war penny candy to a throwback favorite, Bazooka has been a favorite for decades.




Penny Candies

A look back at penny candy during the 20th century. Popular penny candies introduced over the years included: caramels, Milk Duds, Charleston Chews, Mary Janes, Mike and Ikes, Smarties, Pixie Sticks, Root Beer Barrels, Bit - o - Honey, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Bottle Caps, licorice, Jawbreakers, Candy Buttons and Sugar Daddys.





Classic Toys of the 1950s and Outside Fun

A look back at classic toys from the 1950s. From Barbie's, bikes, and Hula Hoops to board games, jumping rope, and playing with Play Doe, this was a great time to grow up.





Toys from the 40s

The 1940s saw some toys come on the market that were actually considered a mistake, and yet they are still popular today. This video is about some of the most popular toys of the 1940s.