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Businesses in the 40 & 50s









Things No Longer Found at Gas Stations

These were once common staples at gas stations when we were growing up; but I can't remember, for example, the last time I saw an attendant who pumped gas or a rack of free maps. You'll enjoy looking back on these recollections.





Do You Remember these top sellers from the 50s

Let's see how many of these top sellers your senior brain remembers. I'm betting most, if not all! (Recolection Road, the producer of the videos used on our GROWING UP IN THE 40s & 50s, has sponsors now. So, each video is introduced with a commercial. Please sit through them; the video and memories are worth it.)





Burma Shave

Who can forget those entertaining jingles along the side of the road? We have a whole section devoted to them elsewhere on our site. Burma Shave!




Coca Cola
We can't forget the ever popular soft drink: Coca Cola. Take a look at its history in the following video.







Hallmark Cards

The company began with two brothers named Hall walking the streets with a box of cards selling them door to door. As they say, the rest is history.






Pepsi Cola

A look at the rocky beginnings of Pepsi and the daring chalenge and its results issued to Coke in the 70s.







Cadillac, The Standard of the World

A look back at the history behind the Cadillac brand of automobiles. Luxury and innovation has always been what makes Cadillacs special. 





Levi Strauss & Company

Levi Strauss and Company produced the original riveted jeans and made history.






50s TV Commercials

A compilation of various 1950s commercials. Life was such a simpler time back then! Relax and enjoy these vintage commercials.






Hobby Shops

A look back at local hobby shops that carried models, train sets, and r/c equipment -- among other things. Kids in the 1950s were avid builders and the hobby shop was where they would spend their Saturdays.






Marshall Field's Department Store 

A look at Marshall Field & Co. through the years.







TV Commercials from the 40s

Here are 10 commercials from the 1940's when television was just breaking into our worlds.






Milk Delivered to your Door

A look back at the time when milk was delivered door to door by a milkman. Prior to refrigerators, milk was delivered daily to homes across America.






Buster Brown Shoes

A look back at the Brown Shoe Company and the classic Buster Brown and Mary Jane shoes.






Classic Cars of the 40s & 50s