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"See you before long!"


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(If you've not received the Reunion Information letter, please contact Carole Fanizzo Mackey by clicking on CONTACT US at  the top of this page or by emailing her at mckwd@aol.com. We don't want anyone to miss out on a great time!)

PLEASE SEND IN your reservation and money by August 1, 2018 -- sooner is better!

LET’S FACE REALITY . . . .  . We all know that some changes (may) have occurred over 60 years. To mention a few: We have all gotten more beautiful/handsome, thinner, and, in some cases, even grew more hair!

The reunion committee, therefore, has instituted an anxiety relief feature that will resolve the: “I wonder if I'll recognize good ole what's his/her name,” OR, “I wonder if good ole what's his/her name will recognize me?”

To accomplish this wonderful humanitarian benefit, the committee requests that you forward a RECENT photo to us. Please send regular photos and/or digital photos to Tom Murawski at 15 Billy Casper Ln, Midlothian, IL 60445 or tommurawski@comcast.net.  They will be displayed on our web site: FengerJune1958.com and at the reunion.

WE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE LOTS OF FUN at the reunion to relive Fenger memories with “real stuff.” You know all those mementos that have been hidden away for these 60 years. 

Please dust off those typical 50's styles: poodle skirts, batwing sleeves, crinolines, sweater collars, jewelry, purses, and shoes. Dig up those class rings, Fenger and Hi-Y jackets, programs, course books, honor pins, letter awards, cow bells, 3B themes, dance bids, photos – yes, especially photos – and bring them wi you on September 8th. We’ll have cards on which you can write your name and story to attach to the items so they can be shared with everyone. Should be a blast to read and remember along with you.

ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR FEATURES of our class web site is all about us! The question: "How do you happen to be living where you are?" was posed, and the responses give glimpses into what has gone on in each classmate’s life since Fenger graduation day. 

It is our hope that if you have not already done so, you will add your story about how you wound up making your present location, your home. Write as much or as little as you wish and email it to Carole Fanizzo Mackey at mckwd@aol.com or click on the "Contact Us" button at the top of this HOMEPAGE and send it to Carole. Check all responses later on our memorabilia table and/or our class site.

FYI:  Midlothian Country Club is within 5 miles of expressways I-294 and 1-57/I-80 and is about 30 minutes from Midway Airport. The Country Club is a short drive from hotels/motels in Alsip: Red Roof Inn (708) 389-3080, DoubleTree Hotel (708) 371-7300, and Baymont Inn & Suites (708) 844-1591.



Enjoy CJ Martello's observations and stories about our town.

Posted July 22nd - "The Carnival Season Is upon Us"

You'll find this series listed on the fly-out menu under ROSELAND or by clicking on the link below: http://www.fengerjune1958.com/PetalsfromRoseland..htm

Our series on Roseland's history is back! There have been more additions to the original postings so you may want to review our town's story from the beginning. You'll find it by clicking on ROSELAND from the list on the left side of this page and then choosing "Roseland: Before Our Time from the fly-out menu that will appear or by clicking on the lick below:



We didn't have the "computer advantage" when we were growing up so many of us are a little timid when approaching this newfangled contraption. With that in mind, a new forum section entitled "All You Need to Know But Are too Shy to Ask" has been created.

The new feature has directions for many of the skills needed to take full advantage of our web site. It even explains how to print those directions so you can have them in front of you as you navigate into new territory.

A second feature explains exactly how to obtain additional help with any problem which may come up. It's really simple: just email me, as site administrator; and I'll get the answer straight from the experts at Class Creator.

 So now, with a little bit of determination, you can fully explore the site, send emails, reply to survey questions, comment in forums, and load pictures. Just click on the link below.



Please register and choose a password so you can explore the complete site we have created. It's filled with classmates' memories, pictures, updates, information on the Fifties, and more.

So, welcome to the World of Fenger - June 1958!


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