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Complete Serials



Phantom of the West - 1931

A 10-chapter, B-Western, The Phantom of the West was the second all-talking serial American Mascot produced. Tom Tyler stars as Jim Lester, who tries to prove that Francisco Cortez (Frank Lanning) is innocent of killing his own father. The real villain is the mysterious Phantom and his League of the Lawless.


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Perils of Pauline  - 1914
Young Pauline (Pearl White) is left a lot of money when her wealthy father dies. However, her uncle's secretary has been named as her guardian (Paul Panzer as Koerner) until she marries her fiance (Crane Miller as Harry) when she will officially take possession of her inheritance. Meanwhile, her "guardian" and his confederates constantly come up with schemes to get rid of Pauline so that he can get his hands on the money himself.

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